In today’s media cluttered world, the importance of reaching the consuming audience directly is beyond imagination. BTL Marketing Agency activities are crucial for the success of certain businesses. Primetime has understood the importance of BTL long back and continued to build competence. Also, large amount of data points around target audiences can be captured during the activity and used later-on for better ROIs. Primetime put in place data matrix and digital backbone for better execution and ROIs on BTL activities.

BTL Marketing campaigns are designed and executed keeping in mind the Brand Equity, Target Audience and their out of home behavior. Each activity is evaluated every day on key KPIs and changes are made to get better results.

At Primetime Communications, we understand that for a successful BTL Marketing Agency campaign the promoters are most important. Hiring, training and grooming of the promoters are given top priority. However good the activity is designed, till its execution is not finely envisaged, it will never give good results. We understand every nuance and due diligence is used for BTL activities.